MWO-9-2320-280-20-6 HMMWV Airlift Bumper Reinforcement M1097 M1097A1 M1025A2 M1097A2 M1113 M1114 Download

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1. PURPOSE. This modification provides a reinforcement for the bumper during towing operations. After the vehicle is modified it will be “AUTHORIZED TO TOW TRAILERS WITH MAX GROSS WEIGHT OF 4,200 LB (1,907 KG)”. 2. PRIORITY. This modification is classified as ROUTINE. 3. END ITEM TO BE MODIFIED. NOTE NOTE Application will be controlled/determined by PM, LTV based on approved DCSOPS distribution plans/funding streams for HMT. a. Selected vehicles as identified by models below and serial numbers selected by the user. NOMENCLATURE NSN PART NO. CAGEC MODEL NO. Truck, Utility, 1-1/4 ton, 4x4: Armament Carrier, Armored 2320-01-380-8233 8750309 19207 M1025A2 Truck, Utility, Heavy Variant 1-1/4 ton 4x4: *Heavy Variant 2320-01-346-9317 8750236 19207 M1097 *Heavy Variant 2320-01-371-9582 8750308 19207 M1097A1 *Heavy Variant 2320-01-380-8604 8750315 19207 M1097A2 Truck, Utility, Expanded Capacity 4x4: *Shelter Carrier 2320-01-412-0143 87T0014 19207 M1113 Up-Armored Carrier 2320-01-413-3739 87T0015 19207 M1114 *Not applicable to vehicles equipped with Pintle Extension Kit, or not applicable to vehicles with shelters extending past the rear bumper. b. Vehicle National Stock Number (NSN) will not change as a result of this MWO. 4. MODULE(S) TO BE MODIFIED. Not applicable. 5. PART(S) TO BE MODIFIED. Not applicable. 6. APPLICATION. a. Time Compliance Schedule: The effective date of this MWO is 1 January 2001 and its completion date is 31 December 2004. b. The lowest level of maintenance authorized to apply the MWO is Organizational maintenance. c. Work force and man-hour requirements for application of the MWO to a single unit, end item, or MWO 9-2320-280-20-6 2 REQUIREMENTS WORK FORCE/SKILLS MAN-HOURS One Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (MOS 63B) or equivalent 0.8 Total man-hours required for a single application of this MWO 0.8