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TM 9-2330-334-13&P 0001 00-7 Change 1 GENERAL INFORMATION/WARRANTY (700,000-719,999) 001 00 WARRANTY – Continued 5. Pass-Through Warranties. Table 1. Supplier Summary Section VENDOR VENDOR PART NO NSN DESCRIPTION Michelin 42407 2610-01-518-5292 Tire, Pneumatic Michelin 1. Warranty Period. The warranty is 5 years from the date of tire manufacture, or the life of the original usable tread down to 2/32nds of an inch of tread remaining. The date of manufacture is determined from the “DOT” number on the lower side above the bead. It will end in “X” and 4 numerics. The numerics represent the week and year of manufacture (i.e., “4804” = 48 th week of 2004) 2. Coverage. The user must pay for the cost of a new tire on a pro-rata basis calculated by multiplying the current negotiated TACOM replacement price or the Government Open Market price, whichever is applicable, by the percentage of usable tread. This warranty does not include any mounting, balancing or other charges. 3. Procedure. Unit will submit a DA Form 2407 or DA Form 5504 to their WARCO for warranty consideration. During the first 2 years of vehicle warranty, the WARCO will address all claims to TVS under the Material and Workmanship Warranty. Upon expiration of the Material and Workmanship Warranty, the WARCO will address all claims to the Michelin Government Sales Department at 6. Contractor Responsibilities. a. Government Correction. When the owning unit has elected to perform corrective action, the Contractor will ship all replacement parts required to affect correction within 3 calendar days of notification. If the Contractor is unable to meet the 3 calendar days, the repair site will be notified of any delay and the anticipated ship date. CONUS requirements, including Alaska and Hawaii, will be shipped to the repair location. OCONUS requirements will be shipped to a Government provided APO or CONUS Port of Embarkation. The Contractor shall reimburse the Government for the cost of labor involved in Government correction. Labor will be calculated at the current fiscal years labor rate for the maintenance level identified in the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) multiplied by the actual number of labor hours incurred, not to exceed the labor hours in the MAC. The Government will notify the Contractor in writing via DA Form 2407 for the reimbursement required. b. Contractor Correction. When the owning unit has directed the Contractor to correct the Supplies, the Contractor will furnish all material required to correct the defective supplies. The Contractor will complete repairs on site or at an approved repair facility, and will maintain an overall repair time equal to 5 calendar days or less from the notification date. c. Defective Parts. The Contractor has the right to inspect parts found to be defective and will be allowed to take possession of failed parts following their replacement. All freight charges for the return of defective/failed parts are the responsibility of the Contractor.