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TM 9-2330-334-13&P 0001 00-5 Change 1 GENERAL INFORMATION/WARRANTY (700,000-719,999) 001 00 WARRANTY – Continued 2. Explanation of Terms (Cont). Warranty Expiration Date. The date the warranty is no longer valid. The Pass-Through warranty expiration date and the Material and Workmanship warranty expiration date are not the same. The Material and Workmanship Warranty expires 24 months after the Government Acceptance Date. Warranty Period. Time during which the warranty is in effect. Normally measured as the maximum number of years, months, days, miles, or hours used. Warranty Start Date. The date the warranty is put into effect. 3. Coverages-Specific. The LHST has a Material and Workmanship and a Pass-Through Warranty which is a Vendor’s (Michelin) Commercial Warranty, that are administered by BAE Systems Tactical Vehicle Systems (TVS). The item identified in Table 1. Supplier Summary Section has a Pass-Through Warranty available. Regardless of the Pass-Through Warranty, all items may be warranted by TVS under the 24 month Material and Workmanship Warranty which covers parts and labor for claims having a total value of $300.00 or more, parts and labor combined, calculated at Contractor cost of parts plus labor. The LHST is manufactured by TVS under contract number DAAE07-03-C-S023. To find out if the Pass-Through Warranty for the item listed in Table 1. Supplier Summary Section, the Material and Workmanship Warranty are still in effect; simply contact your local WARCO. Your local WARCO can inquiry TVS’s website ( or contact TVS at 1-800-221-3688, and ask for the Warranty Department. The Warranty Department will need the information in paragraph 3.b. to determine if the warranty is still in effect. a. Defects. If a defect/failure is caused by (or falls within) any of the following categories, it is not considered warrantable and a claim should not be initiated: 1) Misuse or negligence 2) Accidents 3) Improper operation 4) Improper storage 5) Improper transport 6) Improper or insufficient maintenance service 7) Improper alterations or repair 8) Defect/failure discovered or occurring after warranty expiration date 9) Fair wear and tear items (brake shoes, etc) 10) Foreign object damage 11) Improper packing or handling 12) Combat damage 13) Consequential damages resulting from a defect or failure 14) Failure of parts/components resulting in less than $300.00 combined, labor and Contractor cost of parts (Not applicable to Pass-Through Warranties)