TM-9-2320-334-13&P LHST Operator, Field and Parts Manual M1147A1 Trailer Download

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TM 9-2330-334-13&P x HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL - Continued Troubleshooting Instructions: 1) Operational Checkout and Troubleshooting Procedures Work Package. This work package covers the operational checkout of the trailer. Step-by-step instructions for checking the proper operation of the trailer are provided. Follow the steps from the beginning to the end of the work package to determine if a malfunction exists. a) Steps. The procedural steps will determine if a malfunction exists. Once a malfunction has been determined, go to the Indication/Condition next to the procedural step. b) Indication/Condition. This column may contain one or more malfunctions found from the procedural steps. Select the appropriate Indication/Condition and proceed to the following Corrective Action for that malfunction. c) Corrective Action. This column may contain troubleshooting procedures or a reference to the corrective action to be taken. 2) Troubleshooting Table of Contents All malfunctions may not be detected at the time Operational Checkout is being performed. Use this listing to find the troubleshooting for the malfunction detected. 3) Troubleshooting Work Packages. This work package contains step-by-step procedures for identifying, locating, isolating, and repairing equipment malfunctions. The work package title block will match the troubleshooting index. a) This Work Package Covers. This section indicates the Functional Group Code (FGC) for that system. An effectivity notice will be stated if applicable. b) Initial Setup. Provides the maintenance technician with general information, equipment, parts, material, and authorized personnel required to perform and complete all the operating tasks included in the work package. c) Procedure. Warnings, Cautions, and Notes that appear at the beginning of a work package will be effective throughout the whole procedure. Indication/Condition - This usually comes in the form of a question requiring a yes or no response. Decision No/Yes - The no and yes decision column is the response from the question. Attached to the response will be a guide to take the technician to either the next step or a series of steps, or to a malfunction and corrective action. Procedural Step - This column provides a step-by-step procedure that will guide the technician to the YES or No conclusion.