TM-9-2320-334-13&P LHST Operator, Field and Parts Manual M1147A1 Trailer Download

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TM 9-2330-334-13&P ix HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL OVERVIEW This Technical Manual (TM) is provided to assist you in operating and maintaining the Load Handling System Trailer (LHST) Front Cover. Provides information about the type of manual and equipment covered by the TM. Table of Contents. Lists the Chapters, Work Packages, and Alphabetical Index in order of appearance. General Information/WARRANTY. Provides information on Scope, Maintenance Forms, Records and Reports, Reporting Equipment Improvement Recommendations, Corrosion Prevention and Control, Destruction of Army Materiel to Prevent Enemy Use, Preparation for Stowage or Shipment, and Warranty. Chapter 1, Description and Theory of Operation. Describes the trailer and provides installed equipment data. Chapter 2, Operator Instructions. Describes operator’s trailer controls and indicators, and operating instructions. Chapter 3, Troubleshooting Procedures. Provides Operator and Field Level Maintenance instructions for troubleshooting problems with the trailer. Chapter 4, Maintenance Instructions. Provides instructions for Field Level maintenance of the trailer components. Chapter 5, Supporting Information. Contains information about references, Components of End Items (COEI) and Basic Issue Items (BII) lists, Additional Authorization List (AAL), Expendable and Durable Items List, and Stowage and Decal/Data Plate Guide. Subject Index. Lists important subjects contained in this TM in alphabetical order. It also gives the work package and page numbers where each subject is located. FINDING INFORMATION There are several ways to find the information you need in this manual. They are as follows: Table of Contents. Lists Chapters, Sections, and Indexes with Work Package Numbers in order of appearance. TROUBLESHOOTING Troubleshooting is contained in Chapter 3. When you have a problem with the operation of your equipment, look at Troubleshooting Table of Contents in Chapter 3. Find the malfunction in the listing. Turn to the Work Package listed for the malfunction. Perform the steps required to correct the malfunction. If you cannot find the malfunction, or the malfunction is not corrected, notify your supervisor.