TM-9-2320-366-20-2 MTV Unit Maintenance Manual M1083 Series - Volume 2 Download

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TM 9-2320-366-20-2 TM 9-2320-366-20-2 TM 9-2320-366-20-2 TM 9-2320-366-20-2 TM 9-2320-366-20-2 2-986 2-986 2-986 2-986 2-986 1. START YES NO This question eliminates possible problems and determines where troubleshooting continues. Is 24 vdc present on winch in solenoid L4 connector terminal 1? KNOWN INFO WARNING Read WARNING on following page. Go to step 3 of this fault. TEST OPTIONS Voltage Test or STE/ICE-R #89 REASON FOR QUESTION INITIAL SETUP Equipment Condition Engine shut down (TM 9-2320-366-10-1). Personnel Required (2) References TM 9-4910-571-12&P Tools and Special Tools Tool Kit, Genl Mech (Item 46, Appendix C) STE/ICE-R (Item 41, Appendix C) Multimeter, Digital (Item 22, Appendix C) Wrench, Torque, 0-200 lb-in. (Item 59, Appendix C) Materials/Parts Wire, Elect, 50 ft (Item 71, Appendix D) e89. 15K SELF-RECOVERY WINCH (SRW) DOES NOT REEL IN Circuit breaker OK. 15K SRW pays out. POSSIBLE PROBLEMS Faulty winch control valve cable assembly. Faulty winch control valve assembly. Faulty WINCH IN/OUT switch. Faulty PTO cable assembly. Faulty auxiliary panel cable assembly.