TM-9-2320-365-10-HR LMTV Hand Receipt M1078 Series Download

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ARMY TM 9-2320-365-10-HR AIR FORCE T.O. 36A12-1B-1095-11 This manual supersedes TM 9-2320-365-10-HR, 17 June 1998. HAND RECEIPT COVERING CONTENTS OF COMPONENTS OF END ITEM (COEI), BASIC ISSUE ITEMS (BII), AND ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION LIST (AAL) FOR M1078 SERIES, 2-1/2 TON, 4X4, LIGHT MEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLES (LMTV) MODEL NSN EIC UOC TRK, CAR., LMTV, M1078 W/WN 2320-01-360-1898 BHH LWB W/O WN 2320-01-354-3385 BHD LAB TRK, VAN, LMTV, M1079 W/WN 2320-01-360-1891 BHG LWD W/O WN 2320-01-354-3384 BHE LAD TRK, CHAS, LMTV, M1080 2320-01-353-9098 BHC LAA TRK, CAR., LMTV, AIR DROP, M1081 W/WN 2320-01-360-1899 BHJ LWC W/O WN 2320-01-355-3064 BHF LAC DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENTS OF THE ARMY AND THE AIR FORCE 31 MAY 2001