Military Engines

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Military Engines are used for propulsion and ancillary power in military land systems and platforms. Military engines can be as small as a single-cylinder engine with less than 1HP output power up to large main propulsion engines for battle tanks, often with over 1000HP output power.

The most common fuel for land platform engines is diesel, although most NATO Certified Engines are multi-fuel being able to run on diesel DF-2 and JP-5 and JP-8 jet fuels. JP-5 fuel is considered the Primary Fuel for land-based air and ground forces in all theaters with JP-8 as the next alternative.

Military Engine Features

  • High Reliability
  • Wide Environmental Tolerance
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Reduced Electronic Payload
  • Multi-Fuel Capable
  • Robust Design
Military Engines for Land Vehicles
Military Engines for Land Vehicles

Military Engines Military Engines